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High Intensity Training Course (2PDPs)

$115.00 $135.00

Our NEW High Intensity Training Online   course will help you to:

1. Learn to train your clients safely and effectively using High Intensity Training (HIT).

2. Learn to use HIT to help your clients achieve their training goals.

3. Learn how to incorporate HIT into training sessions for specifc outcomes.

4. Learn about benefits and limitations of HIT (physiological adaptations and practical application).

It answers in depth all about HIT training. You will become an expert on this matter and confidently use this knowledge in your training sessions.

Please note that after payment, online course web site invitation is sent within few hours. It is not automated process , so don't worry it will be e-mailed to you as soon as possible.

If you have done our Plyometrics course in the past, please click on discounted offer.


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